Telemedicine’s potential to expand to expecting moms in rural areas

The interest in telehealth among Hawaiʻi health care providers, planners and policy makers is growing. That was evidenced by an abundant turnout at the Hawaiʻi Maternal Telehealth Summit on October 9 at the University of Hawaiʻi (UH) Kakaʻako Health Sciences Campus.

Guest speakers included Dr. Curtis Lowery, Director of the Institute for Digital Health & Innovation at the University of Arkansas, who said Arkansas and Hawaiʻi both have really bad problems with rural health care delivery.

“People are isolated,” said Dr. Lowery. “Health care tends to be concentrated in large cities and the rural area of struggle with providing the same kind of care. Technology has the opportunity to reach out to rural populations in new ways and help the local practitioners, who are the real heroes, to provide better care, easier, to the people where they need it.”

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