Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the student expectations.


Triage patients (r/o labor)
H&P / work-up term patient
Attend term (≥ 37 week) deliveries
– Any c-section, meets patient first
– Okay if < 37 weeks but > 37 weeks top priority
Attend sign-outs and know patients on board (term)
Go to d-cels with residents
Attend required lectures
Round or sign-out
LI – self-directed or resident directed
Follow a resident when it is hectic
Push with patient
Be prepared to present at rounds (e.g. postpartum patients at sign in rounds)


Attend self assigned surgeries
– including Gyn Onc – cover all surgeries
Pre-round before 6:30am (AM report)
Be prepared to present post-op patients.
Prepare assigned talks for AM report
Review procedure and anatomy prior to surgery
Post-op patients in PM
Meet patient and know her prior to surgery
ER – ID who will be going to ER and tell resident with pager
Let resident know how to reach you
Sign-out patients to colleagues


ID resident to work with
Review patient list with resident
ID patient issues and expected information to gain from H&P / exam
Interview patient, exam
Present to resident with A/P
Exam with resident
Present to attending
Write note
Identify LI for patient


Know uncomplicated laboring patients
Attend and assist in vaginal delivery and c/s
R/O labor
Do initial evaluation on uncomplicated patients
Assist in ER eval
Observe/assist in OR cases
Document term labor progression
Assist with meeting team’s needs as directed by resident