The UH Fellowship in Family Planning was established in 2012. The two year Fellowship program follows the educational, research, policy, and international health requirements outlined by the National Office of the Family Planning Fellowship. Fellows complete a master’s degree in either Public Health or Clinical Research, participate in an international family planning rotation, develop and complete a research project, and have the opportunity to participate in many policy and professional development learning opportunities locally and with their national cohort of Fellows.

Graduates of the Fellowship are experts in complex family planning clinical care, family planning clinical and translational research, family planning public health and public policy, and family planning education. Fellowship graduates are highly sought after in academic departments of Ob-Gyn throughout the county.

Individuals interested in applying to the Fellowship should visit http://www.familyplanningfellowship.org/application-information or contact Krysten Kawamata at krystenm@hawaii.edu for specific information about the UH Fellowship in Family Planning.

For more information please visit https://fpfellowshiphawaii.org


The fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the University of Hawaii combines exceptional training for future maternal-fetal medicine in clinical practice and academic medicine. The fellows acquire knowledge of the basic and clinical facets of perinatal medicine and develop skills for the conduct of clinical and/or basic research related to our sub specialty. Fellows will gain an extensive knowledge base and develop wide experiences in the management of common and unusual obstetrical and medical complications, including those conditions unique to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. This will enable them to both manage such patients and function as a consultant for obstetricians requesting input.

In addition, the fellows have the option to complete a Master of Science in Clinical Research Degree administered through the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Upon completion of the program, fellows will be able to effectively conduct and analyze new research and decide how to apply new knowledge.

Graduated fellows will be able to serve as an expert in his/her community, advising others in the application of new knowledge. We anticipate they will become clinician-researchers and advance medical knowledge in the MFM discipline.

For more information, please visit our MFM Fellowship section